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Mystery, female sleuths, humor
The latest Sussman mystery filled with Miami mayhem, miscreants and murder.
Theater-world Mysteries
A sharp and sassy crime debut in the tradition of Janet Evanovich and Lauren Henderson.
(Also available in Audiobook!)
Sussman and Avidon deliver an amazingly fresh and entertaining puzzle sure to have mystery fans crying "encore!" once again.
Contemporary Women’s Fiction
The Best No-Calorie Treat of the Decade!
Here, with wit, warmth and penetrating insight, is a love story for the new millennium.
A powerful and compelling novel about a woman's discovery of her true identity.
Children's Fiction
A charming ecumenical story promoting brotherhood and understanding.
(Also available on video!)
Each of the eight lights of Hanukkah are described from various corners of the world.
What do you do when you’re a little scared of the thunder and a storm hits? Why, you count hippos!
Children's Nonfiction
Full-color photographs illustrate fourteen of the most fascinating symbiotic relationships that have developed between pairs of living creatures.
An essential book for the budding grade-school scientist.

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Eight Lights Around the World

Hanukkah: Eight Lights Around the World
Susan Sussman
Illustrations, Judith Friedman
Albert Whitman & Co. ISBN: 0-8075-3145-6

“With beguilingly simple prose, Sussman transports readers around the globe…this is a vibrant choice for holiday collections.”

“The historical Hanukkah story serves as the jumping-off point in this novel treatment of the festive holiday in Sue Sussman’s warmly written book. Sussman provides the essential details of the historical Hanukkah story in the book’s introduction, then shows readers how the holiday is celebrated in eight locations throughout the world. She moves the reader from Israel to Mexico City to Morocco to the Soviet Union, describing the sights and sounds through the eyes of young people giving the book its freshness.”
—Pioneer Press

“There is a helpful glossary of Yiddish and Hebrew words and phrases and a bibliography of children and adult sources. The episodes are believable and add human interest amidst contemporary settings to those looking for something besides straight
—Children’s Book Review

“…on each of the light nights of Hanukkah, the reader is taken to a different family’s celebration in a different country. Though living continents apart, the author shows that their religious traditions are rooted in Judaism. Though a fiction book, the reader gains
an understanding of Hanukkah.”
—Tacoma, WA

“One is introduced to various customs making this book an enjoyable learning
—Association of Jewish Libraries Newsletter

“…an informative, respectful book.”
—Reading Teacher

“A thoughtful & delightful book; well-written & reverent. The stories are short and easy to relate to despite the very different lives these children lead. Exposes kids to other cultures & traditions w/​o the gratuitous politically-correct overtones and stereotypes that ruin so many holiday books.”
—W. Levine, Media One

“A fine book for discussions about constitutional freedoms or religions around the world.”
—Oklahoma State Department Of Education

Each of the eight lights of Hanukkah are described from various corners of the world—from the U.S., Russia, Israel, Morocco, Argentina, France, Mexico and India.