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Mystery, female sleuths, humor
The latest Sussman mystery filled with Miami mayhem, miscreants and murder.
Theater-world Mysteries
A sharp and sassy crime debut in the tradition of Janet Evanovich and Lauren Henderson.
(Also available in Audiobook!)
Sussman and Avidon deliver an amazingly fresh and entertaining puzzle sure to have mystery fans crying "encore!" once again.
Contemporary Women’s Fiction
The Best No-Calorie Treat of the Decade!
Here, with wit, warmth and penetrating insight, is a love story for the new millennium.
A powerful and compelling novel about a woman's discovery of her true identity.
Children's Fiction
A charming ecumenical story promoting brotherhood and understanding.
(Also available on video!)
Each of the eight lights of Hanukkah are described from various corners of the world.
What do you do when you’re a little scared of the thunder and a storm hits? Why, you count hippos!
Children's Nonfiction
Full-color photographs illustrate fourteen of the most fascinating symbiotic relationships that have developed between pairs of living creatures.
An essential book for the budding grade-school scientist.

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Please feel free to use this page to post questions or comments about my books and my site. Thank you for your interest.

Audition for Murder

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This book was once sold with a music cassette of songs. Can that be found anywhere today?

Sorry! I"m used to these boxes already having my name etc! The comment below asking for who killed Angela is from me, Terry in DC!

Fell in love with The Dieter, and now enjoying your mysteries. Just finished listening to Cruising for Murder, (loved Morgan in Audition for Murder) one question - I listened carefully to the wrap up with Robbling...and I didn't hear any explanation of who killed Angela! Did I just miss it? Can you tell me? Thanks!!!

A new Morgan Taylor mystery would make my millenium: very witty, souffle-light whodunnits, narrated by a wise-cracking gal with a heart of gold. Bring her back!

J Taylor

Sorry: didn't add my email address to my question re: my letter to you.

SUSAN SUSSMAN: Thanks for the kind words. Morgan is taking a break for a while. But you might want to take a look at my newest mystery: MIAMI ICED. Another strong, funny female voice. Enjoy!

Susan: I just wrote a lengthy letter to you and sent it to an address in Lafayette, Pa. that I found on the web. It is very important to me to have you read it...please tell me if I made a mistake on the address. Thanks , S.J. Banker

SUSAN SUSSMAN: Nope, never been to Lafayette, PA.

Are you the Sue Sussman I knew in Chicago in the 1980s, related to Ted Winsberg? I lived with Tory Barclay then. I too have published lots of books since.
Harriet Claire Wadeson

I so loved your character Morgan Taylor. I read both books in about a week. Have you written any more books with this character? If not, are you going to please?

SUSAN SUSSMAN: Not a Winsberg in the family....that I know of. But then, they keep things of that nature from me. Best of luck with your books!

Dear Ms Sussman,

I'm very excited to announce the publication of my new website. is all about Cozy Mysteries - the themes used in them and the authors who have written them. There are also pages with mystery websites and resources for readers and writers of mysteries.

Thank You for the hours of reading pleasure you've given to me and the readers who visit my website.

Vickie Webb
Bradenton, Florida

I'm an avid but fairly picky mystery reader and was delighted to find Audition for Murder while browsing my library. I hope you're able to write a bunch more--really, really enjoyed both the characters you created and the unique style of your writing. THANKS very much!

SUSAN SUSSMAN: Thanks. You might want to give MIAMI ICED a look. It's just out and tons of fun!

The Dieter

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NOTE FROM SUSAN SUSSMAN to all you wonderful fans - Thank you so much for loving THE DIETER and Barbara and for keeping her alive and well all these years. My newest book -- a mystery -- has a character you might enjoy as well. Take a peek at MIAMI ICED! Regards, Sue S.

Hi Susan, just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE The Dieter. I've read it four times, and recommended it to many friends. It's one of my top ten favorite books EVER!

Hi, Susan, I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE The Dieter and I reread it almost every year, because I have such a great time with Barbara! Any chance she's got another story to tell us? thanks so much for all this joy! Terry

I first read the Dieter back in 1991. It is one of my favorite books that I read every year. I think anyone who has ever dieted can identify with the great "Barbara". I laugh just as much each time I read it.
Kate - Tampa FL

I just wanted to say this is my favourite of all your books. I hope they re-publish it again soon as I have lent this book out and can't seem to get it back. I am ready to read it again. When they do, I want to buy 3 or 4 copies! One for the local library, one or two to lend out and one just for me! Silvia (CANADA)

'Had The Dieter in my bookcase for some time and finally started to read it. Glad I did but didn't want it to end! Having lived 23 years in a Chicago suburb, it was fun to read about places I've been. I look forward to reading more of Susan's work. Lisa CT, USA 3/20/10

Hi, Found this paperback in a stack of books a friend gave me....kept pushing it to the bottom of the pile and when I hit the bottom of the pile decide "What the hell!" Thank you for a great story. I laughed my buns off. Quiting smoking and quiting eating, what a combination....I'll definitely look for your books and I know I'll be entertained. Thanks for a great story and keep up the good work. BH

I'm Russian, I live in Siberia and teach English. I've just read your book The Dieter. It's your first book in Russia.I couldn't help laughing on every page.I didn't give up smoking because I don't smoke at all, but I need to be on a diet. After the birth of my son(3 years ago)I've been getting fatter. Well, reading the book I could understand Barbara. But I am lucky because my husband is in the same situation,I'm a good cook. Thank you for the book, unfortunately I have no chance to read it in English, but hope Russian translation is good. Zhanna Skonechnaya

Just like to say that I have had this book for 11 years and have read it time and time again. It's a classic. Am discovering how true it is now that I have given up smoking after getting pregnant. Gabrielle (U.K)

Time Off From Good Behavior

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Young Wives' Tales

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This is a good one. It was published in the UK so I hadn't even heard of it until I was doing an author search. Susan does a good job again. - CB

Big Friend, Little Friend: A Book About Symbiosis

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Lies (people believe) About Animals

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There’s No Such Thing as a Chanukah Bush, Sandy Goldstein

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Hanukkah: Eight Lights Around the World

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