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Cruising for Murder

Cruising for Murder
Susan Sussman with Sarajane Avidon
St. Martin’s Press (Hardcover) ISBN: 0-312-19968-6

Worldwide Mystery (Paperback) ISBN: 0-373-26351-1

“...light and finely rendered...”
—Library Journal

“. . .wisecracking Chicago actress Morgan Taylor grabs center stage and never lets go...”
—Publishers Weekly

“Another adventure featuring Chicago actress Morgan Taylor is something to look forward to.... These authors are on top of their material. The characters are strong and interesting, the plotting is credible and the atmosphere of the ship provides an added dimension. ... I’m happy to see that this series is a class act even when it’s on the road.”
—Contra Costa Times

“Why would hoofer/singer Morgan Taylor agree to a grueling few weeks’ work filling in for a missing entertainer on the Island Star as it cruises the Caribbean? Well, Chicago’s freezing; her touring company of Rent has just closed; her chum Kathy Bloch, the production director, has promised her lots of free time lolling in a deck chair.... Morgan will sing, dance, and uncover blackmail, stowaways, and a cleaver-wielding nutcase. A bouncy, self-deprecating heroine holds the plot together with wisecracks... .like Audition
for Murder (1999), very cute.”
—Kirkus Reviews

When the curtains open on Morgan Taylor’s second adventure, the Chicago actress is restless with a capital R. For eight months she has been hard at work starring in Rent, and the run has been good, but grueling. Between Morgan’s growing boredom and the fact that her year-old relationship with homicide detective John Roblings is going almost too well, she’s got an old-fashioned case of cabin fever. Add the harsh snowy weather and it’s more than one showgirl can bear. Enter longtime friend Kathy Bloch, who’s about to leave port as part of a cruise ship’s entertainment cast. When Kathy calls Morgan to see if she’d want to replace a last-minute deserter in the cast, Morgan jumps at the chance to trade the big city for the open seas.

Meeting Kathy and the Island Star in Miami, Morgan is greeted by palm trees, sunny skies, and the news that her predecessor, Angela Parker, was murdered aboard the ship. And it appears not everyone is pleased to see Morgan join the cast. Chorus girl and magician’s assistant Jackie takes every opportunity to point out that she should be the star. So when another entertainer is found dead, it looks as if Morgan’s three weeks of show tunes and suntans are not going to be the vacation that she had hoped.