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Hippo Thunder

Hippo Thunder
Susan Sussman
Illustrations John C. Wallner
Albert Whitman & Co. ISBN 0-80753307-6 (LC 81-23982)


“An enjoyable picture book for children—even those who have no fear of thunder.”
—School Library Journal

“Sussman’s story is a joy for beginners, and it also delivers advice on how to handle fear of storms. Wallner’s strong line drawings and paintings in eye-catching colors illustrate an adventure related by a small boy.”
—Publisher’s Weekly

“A concept book with amusing illustrations to help ease the fear of thunder.”
—Los Angeles Herald Examiner

“Hippo Thunder is based on the fact that a storm is one mile away for every five seconds that elapse between seeing lightning and hearing thunder. The book draws children into a game of counting hippopotamuses between cracks of thunder and flashes of lightning.” —Evanston Review

“If you know a child that is afraid of thunder and lightning, this book is the answer to helping alleviate their fears. Well illustrated.”
—Mennonite Pub. House

*Starred as a Valuable Book by Kern County Superintendent of Schools, Bakersfield, CA

“What do you do when you’re little, scared of the thunder and a storm hits? Why, you count hippos waiting for the thunder after the lightning strikes! Smart Daddy distracts his child during the storm with this exercise. The hippos look like they just stepped out of a Wagnerian opera. This is a nice idea and fun to read to the little ones.”
—Tacoma Public Schools

Crashes coming from the sky in the middle of the night are scary. This young child decides to get out of bed and check on the other members of the family..."just to be sure they're all right." Brother, sister, and grandmother try to help, but Daddy offers the best suggestion. After the lightning flashes, you count hippopotamuses until you hear the thunder. The more hippopotamuses you count, the farther away the storm.