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Lies (people believe) About Animals

Lies (people believe) About Animals
Susan Sussman
Photographs by Fred Leavitt

with Robert James, Naturalist
Albert Whitman & Co. ISBN: 0-8075-4530-9

*Named Outstanding Science Trade Book for Children by the National Science Teachers Association and the Children’s Book Council.

“So you think an elephant drinks through its trunk? Tusk, tusk. Separating animal fact from fiction is fun for children of all ages and now there’s a witty book on the subject [that] sets the record straight on 26 different animal myths. Whimsical photographs add fun to the simple text.”
—Working Mothers Magazine

“The book will fascinate and inform any young animal enthusiast.”
—School Library Journal

“Armadillos give birth to two sets of identical twins, all the same sex, and can carry leprosy. The most common natural cause of an elephant’s death is starvation, because at a certain age its grinding teeth fall out. Want to know more? Intriguing,
—Kirkus Reviews

“The authors smoothly and credibly debunk a series of myths about animals.”

“This is an excellent book that should dispel myths long held by many people about animals... The book’s exceedingly readable text is written in a concise, scientific manner... children and adults should find this book interesting reading.”
—Science and Children, National Science Teachers Association

“Well researched text offers accurate information on the most common lies told about twenty animals (squirrel’s bite will give you rabies, snakes are wet and slimy).. .an excellent resource for research or recreational reading.”
—North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

“This is a wonderful book about animals. Highly recommended.”
—Tucson Unified School District

Sue Sussman, author of numerous children's books, teams up with noted zoologist Robert James and photographer Fred Leavitt to present a clear, concise book for fourth through sixth graders which includes lie/truth statements about animals followed by intriguing, easy to understand facts. An essential book for the budding grade-school scientist.