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"Mayham in Miami with a thoroughly modern maven. An ice-encrusted body, quirky courtroom characters, sisters and friends and cowboys - oh my! Hang on to your sunblock, Sussman's done it again!"


When Laura Marks answers a Summons for Jury Duty she stumbles upon a high-profile trial that quickly plunges her into a world of greed, jealousy, murder and a wacky group of Runyonesque court regulars. Reviews for other Sussman books:




"When a book 'has me from hello', that's a great book! "Michael's heart attacked-and killed us both." It's that kind of stylized writing that make the pages fly. Laura and her sister are two people you know. You've met them, and they are in this book. Wonderful. Love it when I find a new author!"


"Fast paced flowing mystery. Excellent descriptions and twisty plot that surprises at the end. Book for women about a woman."

"I thoroughly enjoyed Miami Iced. The characters were interesting, quirky, real. The story was fast paced, had me guessing at what would happen next, plausible. Warning.....once you start the book, it is hard to put down."


"This book was a great portrayal of Southern Florida - with a twist!"


"Read this on a plane and enjoyed the flight. Fun as well as interesting read, and not predictable. Going to read more from this author."


ORDER NOW! - https://www.amazon.com/Miami-Iced-Maven-Mystery/dp/1501088602