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Young Wives' Tales

Young Wives' Tales
Susan Sussman
Pocket Books ISBN: 0-7472-1233-3

Molly’s love of storytelling — catapulting audiences through worlds of wonder and terror, mysticism and magic — has helped her survive some difficult times. At the moment she is a student with two things on her mind: to finish her dissertation on “Cautionary Tales of Chicago Immigrants” and to succeed in carrying a baby full-term. Centering her chaotic world is her stable marriage to Matthew, counselor at the town’s community centre.

Then Molly’s sister comes to stay. Rich and devious, spoiled and selfish, Judith is a dilettante author desperate for material For a new book. She thinks nothing of destroying everything Molly has worked so hard to build.

Amidst the turmoil caused by Judith’s visit, Molly has to contend with the arrival of two aunts. Wanda and Lucy are a mysterious duo: enigmatic and mystical with strange magnetic powers to which Molly is constantly drawn. As her relationship with these women develops, Molly learns how to fight for what is rightfully hers — and to confront the existence of her own mystical powers which she’s repressed for so long.

Extraordinary and haunting, YOUNG WIVES’ TALES is a powerful and compelling novel about a woman’s discovery of her true identity.